Child Visitation

Child visitation orders will vary depending upon the best interests of the child, the situation of the parents and other factors.

Types of Visitation

According to a schedule: A lot of the time it helps parents and children to have a detailed visitation plan to reduce conflicts and confusion. Visitation schedules set out the dates and time the child will be with each parent. This can include Holidays, special days such as birthdays, and family vacations.

Reasonable visitation: This is often an open-ended order which allows the parents to work out visitation between themselves. This type of schedule works well when parents get on well together and are flexible.

Supervised visitation: This type of visitation occurs when the child’s safety and welfare require that the visits with a parent are supervised by the other parent, another adult or a professional agency. Supervised visitation can sometime be used in cases where a child and a parent need time to become reacquainted i.e. if a parent has not seen a child for some time.

No visitation: This order is made when visitation, even if supervised, would be physically or emotionally harmful to the child. In these cases it is not in the best interest of the child for the parents to have any contact with the child at all.